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Two Hebrew words, Nefesh, soul, and Esh, fire
In their fusion, NefEsh, is the essence of the musical research of the Trio.
A unique sound, virtuosity and passion: these are the features that from it's birth
to present days enchanted thousands of beholders
and fascinated the most diverse audiences.
Passionate rhythms, stringed instruments used as percussions,
and then moments of delicate intimacy, in a musical
journey that begins in the land of Jewish music; a music that has always meant encounter, contamination, deepness and joy at the same time.
Klezmer, Sephardic, Yemenite and then Israeli, are just some of the multiple
faces of this heritage of melodies, from which NefEsh draw freely
to create its compositions.
But other styles, or other worlds like Jazz, Balkan, Tango, echoes of Arab melodies
and other forms of folk music
are continuously crossing the notes of the Trio.

It was June 2006 when Daniele Davide Parziani, Manuel Buda and Davide Tedesco met for the first time. Behind them, the long classical training at Milan's Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, and a professional experience of a wide variety of musical genres including Tango, Rock, Jazz and Folk. From all of this came an idea - better, a feeling - of music that immediatly tied them and that brought them success and acknowledgments along the years.


NefEsh are proud to have worked and shared the stage with artists such as Malika Ayane, Eyal Lerner, Raiz, Giovanni Nuti, Anton Dressler, Lucia Bosè, the Jewish Choir of Milan "Kol Ha Kolot", the israeli Ensemble “Eve's Women”, and the female voice ensemble of Artists of Milan's Teatro alla Scala Choir.


Along the years the group has performed all around in Italy, their home country, Europe and Israel at venues including the King's Hall of the University of Newcastle(England), the Festival Mar de Musica in Cartajena(Spain), Poestate Festival Lugano(Switzerland), and has been invited for two years to be main concert for the festival “Jewish and the City” in Milan; in Israel, NefEsh toured playing in locations including the Conservatory of Music of Beer Sheva and appeared at the International Klezmer Festival of Zfat. They also performed at intercultural events, like the Christian-Jewish Colloqui held at the Monastery of Camaldoli, and for several organizations that promote peace between peoples. 

NefEsh music has been also used by theater, cinema and video-art directors, and it has been broadcasted by Rai Radio 3, Swiss Radio RSI 2, Monte Carlo Radio, Lifegate Radio and Popolare Network


The path goes on.......

NefEsh Trio

Daniele Davide Parziani


Manuel Buda


Davide Tedesco


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